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458 Venom African Short By: Lyndon Combs
What if you had an African Dangerous Game cartridge that not only held as much/more powder than the 458 Winchester Magnum but would fit in an action as short as a .308 Winchester, or Winchester Short Magnum?? A much shorter bolt stroke meaning faster follow up shots with enough power to take down most anything on the African continent ! A cartridge that would be extremely useful to hunters that have seen very little in the way of cartridge development.

Recently while working with a gun builder on an idea for a short stroke magnum sniper cartridge It dawned on me that the idea of a magnum cartridge that would fit a short action, thus allowing for less movement of the bolt, giving the action a shorter stroke length allowing for a faster follow up shot would be ideal for other shooting purposes. I began to think about a cartridge for hunting in Africa...... well this is the resulting design the 458 Venom African Short cartridge.

The cartridge uses a well known case as it's parent, and the overall length is 2.800"/2.8100". It uses the plentiful .458 diameter bullets, and it's case(overall)holds in the neighborhood of 110.3 grains of water compared to the .458 Winchester Magnum which has an overall length of 3.3400" and which case holds(overall) 87.4 grains of water. The .458 Venom African Short fits in between the .458 Winchester, and the .458 Lott in regards to overall case capacity as the Lott holds 114.7 grains of water.

Now this cartridge is in the initial design stage, and is only a drawing on the computer with some theoretical calculations so far not much can be said at this time about the 458 Venom African Short.

We have done a great deal of work on this cartridge idea including talking to several large ammunition manufacturers. We are of the opinion this idea as we are wanting to do it... is going to require a new design as to rifle action. We are working on this part of the project at this time. Many of the shooters, especially those that would have use for a cartridge like this in the field are really interested in this idea... so we want to move forward with this project.... all involved feel that this could be a revolution in cartridge design. I personally feel that it more of the natural progression of the whole short magnum revolution that has been the craze in recent years. We can only cross our fingers check things twice, and do it to do it! I hope to be able to publish some of the drawings soon.

African Short Drawings:

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