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In my opinion the 8MM cartridges don't get enough respect from most of the gun community. The 8MM Mauser is one of the greatest cartridges in the history of gun manufacturing. Yet it is relegated to novelty cartridge basket of the industry simply because at one time it used a .318" bullet before eventually being changed to the .323" bullet diameter. Thus making it possible that someone would use the wrong ammunition in one of the old military rifles, and blow the barrel. This also meant that much of the ammunition manufactured for the 8MM Mauser was loaded with a reduced charge to make it safer if someone did load the wrong ammunition into the wrong chambered barrel. The use of these reduced factory loads has meant that many who have shot the cartridge have never truly experienced the full performance of this great cartridge.

There have been several 8MM cartridges released into the market over the years from the 8MM Remington Magnum; which many that I have talked to say has far too much recoil for them to handle. Then others speak of the great Elmer Keith, and his love of the .338 cartridges. I must not forget to also mention the ones that always mention the belted case on many of the older magnum cartridges. Me I like the 8MM Remington Magnum, but I understand the recoil issue, and consider that it would have been better with less capacity. The lattes 8MM cartridge is a much better magnum 8MM, and I consider it a great cartridge, but many of the rifles I have shot chambered in the cartridge have a little more recoil than I prefer in magnum of this size. So we come back to one of the issues that make the 8MM Mauser a great cartridge hard hitting performance with moderate recoil when compared to the .30-06, and other cartridges in that classification.

Now as you can tell I am a huge fan of the 8MM Mauser cartridge, and I consider it as one of my all time favorites on any cartridge list that I would ever think up! Recently I was thinking about a new 8MM cartridge that would have magnum power, but not too much to cause recoil sensitivity, but still take the performce up a notch from the 8MM Mauser. Well the theory of thinking led to two designs.... so far! I am not sure which way I am going to we will go with this project, but it is getting good reviews from those that I have talked to about it.... so here it is on the Venom Cartridge site.

First Drawing 8MM Venom X



Second Drawing 8MM Venom X

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