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Clear choices : tRU-glo  

  I have used many Truglo scopes since starting this company, and have been pleased with everyone of them to the point that I kept them making therm part of my personal hunting equipment. We started with a Truglo on the pro-type rifle for the 300 Venom Magnum Match cartridge. I was very impressed with the clarity of the scope as well as the scopes ability to stay on target after numerous heavy recoiling shots being fired. Trust me the little Savage rifle is a hard recoiling rifle in 300 Venom Magnum Match caliber. The scope has proven itself to be a quality scope for many that is why we are here writing an full article on Truglo. When I find a product or company I like, and believe in I want to pass the information along to others in the shooting community. In this article I am going to talk about the company itself, then I have picked some of their products we have got to play around with out in the hills of South Eastern Kentucky to spotlight . First I am going to touch on the companies history, then I am going to move on to reviews on two of the companies offerings in the Tru-Brite Xtreme series of scopes. After that I want to touch on another product made by Truglo their Bright Sights Professional Gun Sight Kit, but at the end of this article you can click on the large Truglo banner to visit their company web-site to see everything they offer, and all are quality products.

The TRU•BRITE™ XTREME Series are built with high-quality optics that offer shooters a bright, clear, high contrast field-of-view in any situation. The Dual•Color illuminated reticle helps ensure exact shot placement in low-light conditions. The large diameter fingertip windage and elevation knobs allows for easy adjustments when sighting in. With all these features in hand, you can be extremely confident when the time comes to take the shot.

  • Ultra-high contrast, high resolution mechanical and optical design
  • Dual•Color illuminated reticle allows choice of red or green for faster target acquisition in low-light conditions Reticle can be used in black without illumination
  • BDC (Bullet-Drop Compensating) models can be easily calibrated to most centerfire cartridges and accommodate targets up to 600 yards away
  • Rubber-coated, speed-focus eye piece
  • Specially formulated multi-coating provide maximum brightness, clarity and contrast even in the poorest of light conditions
  • Special internal anti-reflective coating on metal parts
  • Zoom index at 9 o’clock for more ergonomic use
  • Low-profile, large diameter fingertip adjustments for W / E under screw cap
  • Durable, textured, non-reflective matte finish
  • BDC can be calibrated to most .223 and .308 cartridges and accommodate targets up to 600 yards away
  • Scope includes two removable BDC target turrets in calibers: .223 and .308
  • Reticle can be used in black without illumination
  • Includes one-piece 30mm rings / scope mount
 Reticle choices in the Xtreme line of scopes :

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