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Can't They See The Results 

  In the areas of the nation where gun control laws have been implemented, and law abiding citizens have been disarmed the results are painfully clear. In every area that has infringed the rights of the citizens the laws have failed to make the populace safer. In fact in many of those areas crime has got worse. The criminals have no resistance, and the police are just there to clean up the mess. It is not the officers that are on the street that are to blame because they have their hands tied as well by liberal officials that preach less force, and refuse to give the weapons the police need to do a better job. A good example of this is in Los Angeles during a well-televised bank robbery where the police where sadly out armed by criminals. Luckily in that case a local gun dealer came to the rescue to provide guns to save many lives. This is another truth the liberals close their eyes to as well.

  Why can’t the liberals see the truth that gun laws that take away a citizens right to carry a gun only makes for a populace of sitting ducks. The truth is that law-abiding citizens as the name implies are the only ones that follow laws. Criminals By the very nature the very definition are people that do not care about the laws on the books. They live to break the laws that are passed by wealthy elitist politicians that have no idea what is to have to walk the streets of America. Many only see the streets from their limousines.

  The one law that the pro-gun groups such as the NRA should work to have enforced is the second amendment that states the right of the people to keep, and bear arms shall not be infringed. This is very plain easy to read English, but the anti-gun community and the pro-gun community seem to want to run from the confrontation that would settle the issue, and insure the security of the citizens of America. The second amendment is in the Bill of Rights to guarantee that right of the people to defend themselves, and their country. Yet even the NRA has been supporting laws that infringe the right to bear arms. The second amendment of the Bill of Rights gives the citizens the ability to take up arms against an oppressive Government. Maybe it is time that the gun owners of America organized a march through the streets of their hometowns. We are allowed the right to peaceable assembly, and to bear arms; why not use them? Stand and show the anti-gun community that we are tired of them playing Russian roulette with our way of life, and our rights. Tell them that we are tired of having our rights taken away, and that the laws they are forcing on us are useless in the fight to keep the citizens safe from the criminal element.

  The liberal anti-gun community closes their eyes to the results of their gun laws, and the faces of those that have had to face a robber, or rapist that saves their lives, body, and property by carrying a gun. 







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