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dawn freeland
Hi my name is Dawn Freeland-

I started out doing a radio talk show called Shooting It Straight on Saturdays The show talked about guns, pistols, cpl's, hunting and shooting. They have since changed their format.
I appear on local TV Shows for special hunting/outdoor events and I also do radio interviews. I enjoy writing about my outdoors experiences as well.
Being a female hunter in a male dominated sport has been trying at times. The prejudices and attitudes have been the hardest to overcome. Some other difficulties have been working with gun store owners, property owners, and the "Good Old Boys Club".
I believe I have used my love of the sport to sustain my drive in becoming a successful hunter.I also use my love and knowledge of the sport to help other female hunters have an enjoyable and successful hunting experience, whether they are just starting out or are an experienced female hunter."Being a successful deer hunter isn't measured by the quantity of animals that you have harvested, its the feeling in your soul that you receive for having another chance to experience the amazing outdoors".

Membership: -NRA Lifetime Member -Member of the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners -CPL (Concealed Weapon Permit for Michigan Since 2004) -NWTF Member -The North American Hunting Club Member
Activities: Outdoor Sportsman Advocate -Active in local Government: Planning Commission, Census, Voter/Election Clerk -Bow and Firearm hunting for over 15 years

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