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                                                “ Democracy????”  By: L.F.Combs


    The founding fathers declared America to be a free republic where a citizen can believe as they wish, and live their lives according to their ideas. We scream to everyone that they should be a democracy yet we have yet to become a real democracy. We were never intended to be a full democracy; the founding fathers didn’t even think the citizens should be allowed to elect the president of the United States. We the people had representation that would vote for the person to be our leader. We of course would vote for those individuals that would speak for us as representatives. There were no party lines to vote along, or to divide the people along. The founding fathers knew what would happen that is why they didn’t set up parties to divide people up into groups. They had the good sense to see what was right in front of them. They saw the fact that dividing into parties was just that- a division of the people, and that a division of the people would eventually weaken the nation. The two party system was adopted later, and since that time has proven the founding fathers to be the wise men they appeared to be in the written history of America. The two party system has done nothing but keep the country swirling around in a circle, and slowing down any forward momentum that might be achieved. We are still arguing the same stupid arguments that the parties have always been yelling at each other over. There is no middle ground you can’t be someone who wants what is best for the country you have to be a Republican, or a Democrat, and if you are not 100% along one of those parties’ lines then you cannot be trusted. This is not right this is not democracy this is two parties electing a dictator to follow their wants, and desires. We occupy countries and declare them to be free, and democratic, but what are the first things we do?? We take their guns, storm their houses, and tell them where and when to live their lives. Yes we help to set up a government as long as it follows our rules for a democratic society. We preach this to everyone that will listen, but we have yet to allow every American citizen the right to vote as they wish. To pick the person they wish to vote for in the primary by closing the primary to party lines. Yes some areas have achieved the open primary, but of course Kentucky has yet to see the light. If we are to be a truly democratic society then we should remove any stumbling block to the polls. The two party system does not work, the closed primary is wrong, and to allow two states the ability to control the national elections is stupid. What does New York know about Kentucky except what a Kennedy comes here and exploits. The division along party lines has got to stop, and the country needs to be united, or we scrape the two party system return to a free republic. This would give the citizens of a state the power to live as the people wish. Represented as a whole by a individuals they elect. Then the nation would be ruled by the states individually with representatives speaking for the citizens as the fore fathers intended. The vision of the founding fathers should never have been thrown to the wolves.

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