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Designed for one 

   Winchester ammunition has now sealed the fate of many Deer by actually designing a bullet to be perfect for America's favorite game!! The bullet is utilized in their new product line Deer Season XP, and comes in most of the popular calibers used for hunting Deer. The caliber I selected to try was one of my favorites the .270WSM that I have grown to love over the years that I have owned a Model 70 Super Shadow chambered for the cartridge. Now many think the stubby WSM cartridges look odd, and yes in a  traditional since of thinking they are different from the average cartridge, but you haven't seen anything until you see the new Deer Season XP in.27WSM. Below is a picture of the sample boxes I got from Winchester for this article.                                                        

 The new Deer Season XP bullet design features a large diameter polymer tip to accelerate bullet expansion that produces rapid trauma on impact with the game.... the bullets have a streamlined ballistic profile that optimizes down range performance....contoured jacket with tapered profile for rapid expansion and terminal penetration on Deer....alloyed lead core optimized for energy transfer and impact power.... much of this is what Winchester has on it's promotional media concerning the new ammunition, and they say this design is directly engineered to be extremely effective on Deer. I know that the .270 WSM ammunition that I received has a design like no other .270 WSM that I have shot to date.... with a polymer tip that is like no other. I do question just how well the bullet will penetrate on a living creature... I hope to eventually find out.  I plan on doing some simple tests at the range to get an idea as to how these will perform in a hunting situation.


This is the product information on the ammunition I have for testing:

Product Symbol: X270SDS     Cartridge: 270 WSM
Bullet Weight: 130 Grain          Ballistic Co- Efficient: 0.45
Muzzle Velocity: 3275 fps        Energy: 3096 ft.lbs
Velocity 100 Yds: 3050 fps      Energy 100 Yds. 2685 ft. lbs.


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