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Give Back To Nature 

I have long been a believer in giving back as much as you take from nature, but sadly many have taken this too far. It is getting very common to see an overwhelming amount of goodwill for nature. People have for many years left large piles of belongings to show their love for the environment.

Every time I go into the woods I see laying in plain site these offerings to nature shining shrines to human stupidity. The trinkets vary from used condoms to computers.I even found a car that had been part of a special ceremony in the woods; burnt as an offering to the insurance gods.The catalytic converter had been pouched as well for it’s valuable contents. This is nothing new to many of the people that live in the area, as is the sudden explosion in the copperhead population.


The pictures show the type of items found in the woods around the city in the county you can find a great deal more in areas not usually traveled. The county has done a good job cleaning up areas that are seen more easily, but as with the police they can’t do anything unless they know about the problem.

The push to clean up the county has forced some that like to leave a mess in nature to move further into the woods. Hunters are the ones that usually find the mess. Some of the outdoorsmen will not report some of the garbage they find. Lately it seems that the hunters are the bloodhounds of the modern times as recent stories concerning bodies being found show a hunter in the field walking slowly runs up on many nasty little finds.

I can’t understand why some of the people that dump these lost fragments of civilization give back to nature in the way that they do? Because sites are set aside for the legal dumping of this kind of garbage, and nature doesn’t need this type of help. Is this a thrill to dump the items? I mean I can understand the burnt offerings cause the people do not want to get caught practicing there ritual. I wish there could be someone that would go around, and actually check the serial numbers left on some of the items left in the woods.


I mean I have seen many computers left in the woods surely there is some way of tracing them to someone. Maybe even put out some of those trail cameras that will take night vision pictures of these lovers of nature. I mean why not use the services of the solid waste officer that the county has to investigate these matters, and acknowledge the work of these environmental sculptors. Maybe we can even have a show of their art in the Hazard Forum one evening.


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