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gunsmith services : Effective 03/20/2015

Basic Gunsmithing

  • Cleaning- consists of taking gun apart, cleaning all parts in a sonic cleaner, inspection, and suggestions to customer as to possible parts in need of repair.... everything to insure that the firearm is in A-1 condition. $85.00 only exception Winchester Model 94 which is $95.00.
  • Repairs - P.O.R. Labor is $25.00 hour
  • Scope Mounting/Alignment/Bore Sighting- $25.00 on standard jobs.... any custom jobs requiring modifications to the gun or mounts... $25.00 hr. plus materials.
  • Full service cleaning of surplus military rifles - P.O.R. 
  • Remove fired case from gun - $25.00
  • Remove live round from gun - $75.00 call in advance.
  • Remove obstruction from bore- $25.00 an hour.
  • Advanced Gunsmithing
    This service includes all Basic items above plus going into custom wildcat chamberings, rifle design projects, and finish work.

    • Re-chamber rifle for Venom wildcat
    • Metal finishing
    • Custom Vencoat paint jobs- We only do Vencoat mission specific paint jobs.... One Color $45.00 stock only ...... $55.00 complete gun without break down. Camo paint job add $12.00.
    • Stock Dipping
    • Barrel replacement 
    • Fix Muzzle Crown- $75.00
    • Custom trigger installation and adjustment - $40.00 if bought somewhere else.... $25.00 if purchased from us... plus cost of trigger, and ammunition
    • Custom Trigger Job - P.O.R. for most brands. Winchester Model 70 adjustment and testing- $50.00 most versions... plus cost of ammunition on all trigger work. 

    Ruger M77 Tune Up:

    Basic :  Includes installation of reduced weight trigger spring changes lbs. on trigger pull, and increased firing pin spring for better ignition.  $45.00 parts and labor.
    Deluxe: Spring tune up, polishing, cleaning, lubricating, and installation of speed lock upgrade. 
    (These services are available for other makes of firearms, but the price may vary for some brands) 

    Installation of Venom Wedge on Ruger Bolt Actions to free float the barrel:
    $35.00 standard
    $50.00 if stock material has to be removed (synthetic)
    $99.00 if stock material needs to be removed ( Wood)
    Venom Wedge is only for Ruger MKI and MKII Model 77 Bolt Actions

    Installation of Ludwig or other Marlin safety replacement kit $25.00 plus cost of kit.
    Removal of Winchester 94 Wort safety and installation of plugs $50.00  metal plugs that needs modifications to gun. $25.00 for nylon push plugs. 
    Touch up blue on military surplus rifles - $25.00 an hour... price quoted before any work. 

    Call/email for quote.....if you do not see the price stated on this page...........
    Shipping Policy:

    Any firearm we ship requires copy of FFL... we only ship firearms to licensed dealers.. regardless of firearms age.  
    Any ammunition requires age verification on file.
    We ship all firearms UPS... Ammunition can be shipped UPS or FED EX... Gun parts can be shipped UPS, FED EX, or Priority Mail.
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