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H&R Pardner protector pump 

  Since getting our firearms manufacturers license I have had the opportunity to trying several of these little pumps sold under the H&R name. The first couple of ones (I have had around six or seven) were a little rough around the edges... In fact the third one actually drew blood from my thumb as you can see in the photo below.(please excuse the mess in the old van).......It was from a rough edge n the synthetic stock.... now it wasn't that bad but still a few little rough spots. All examples have performed flawlessly and the one that I have currently acquired is actually fairly smooth without any rough spots. This example was built by Hawk Industries in China.........  they are obviously a copy of the famous Remington 870 action with a slight change to the receiver. In fact this latest one functions and looks just a nice as one of the new Remington 870s that I have seen in the past four years. This could be that this one was made after Remington acquired Marlin and H&R!! Now for this article I am going to do it as not just a review, but a running diary of the shotgun as we put it to the test. I really like these little guns and am glad to see them getting better as time goes along.................... I had hoped to do an article on the Pardner pump a few years back but unfortunately the article was shelved (after doing some work testing previous examples of the Pardner as well as ammo ) do to other projects. 

  In preparation for this article I have already tested several different brands of ammunition, and as always we have tested numerous Hornady examples.........however as you can see in the picture above in the header of the page...  we at first settled on Hornady TAP ammunition.... Hornady I believe has dropped this line of ammunition. So we have waiting to use other choices they offer.... We will list all ammunition used in this article fired through this latest example gun. I really want to stress that I am not making judgement on these guns by saying they are a little rough around the edges.... in fact the latest one is nice out of the box...even if it's made in China!

August 17th 2017 -

  Received the new H&R Pardner Protector Pump shotgun........ impressed with the function of the shotgun, and appearance of the shotgun... smoother than previous examples............ Picked up some Winchester Super X buckshot 3" Magnum 15 pellets...OO buckshot XP12300 item number...........this will be the first loads tested in this shotgun when I can get to the range. All other examples have been tested with Hornady ammunition... I hope to acquire some other brands such as Federal, and Remington. Note: These come as most shotguns with a plug for the magazine tube so be ready for the need to remove it. 

August 27th 2017 - 

  First time on the range with the Hawk industries manufactured H&R Pardner Pump, and it functioned flawlessly....... this was just an initial test of the shotgun to check that it was defect free. I shot a full box of the Winchester Super X Buckshot mentioned previously well as a few single strays of other companies. I am waiting on multiple brands of Buckshot to arrive before I will say more on ammunition performance... at this time the only statement I will make is that recoil is an issue with some of the brands. 
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