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Harriet Hershey Simmons
Hi!  My name is Harriet Hershey Simmons.  I truly have the enthusiasm of a child when it comes to hunting and fishing. I like to capture every moment of my happiness with pictures or a story which I enjoy sharing with my friends and family.  I have been fishing since I was a little girl, but am relatively new to hunting.  A few years ago, I reconnected with my high school sweetheart.  He took me hunting with him one time and that was enough to know it was something really wanted to try. He began teaching me about hunting safety and we practiced shooting a couple of times.  He said I was a natural.   My first kill was a hog from about 80 yards.  It was a nearly perfect shot and from that point on, I have been hooked.  In my short time hunting, I have taken down three hogs and five deer, including my personal best, a 9 pt – 200+ lb buck.  A recently hunted with a guide for the first time.  He told me that I was the most intense hunter he has ever guided.  I am proud of that as it is something I take seriously and I always strive to improve my skills.  I am planning my first Mule Deer hunt in Idaho, 2014 - I can’t wait for that! 


The Whitetail pictured in the above two pics.....was taken during the 2014 season using Hornady American Whitetail ammunition..provided by Venom Cartridge Company LLC.. 
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