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holly ellis
My name is Holly Ellis. I am 39 years old. Mother of 3 children Lindsey(21) Austin(18) and Montana (14). I work as a Cardiac nurse. I started hunting as a lil girl. I was barely able to walk still and I tagged along in the woods with my dad. I didn't miss a trip to the woods or to the water. As I got older I went with my Uncle cause my parents were busy providing for us. He and my Aunt would pick me up everyone weekend and we would head to the hunting camp. We still hunted and hunted with dogs! Then I learned all I needed to : especially not to gripe about going to my stand and never to leave my stand. I will never forget killing my first deer! My heart was racing and it was a experience I will never forget! I soon had children to pass all this on to and have hunted pregnant and have raised them by taking them since they were infants! All 3 of them love the outdoors. They now bow hunt and gun hunt! They all 3 can clean there deer as well. I don't think there is anything more important to me then hunting with my family and friends. I enjoying deer hunting, hog hunting, turkey hunting, fishing, snorkeling or diving for lobster and scalloping. I enjoy driving my airboat in which we have gator hunted. I love cooking for my family and friends as well. I have killed my fair share of deer, but I have yet to get my wall hanger. I will continue to work hard on getting him. I believe I would be a good candidate because I love the outdoors and would love to be able to teach others about hunting and promote the outdoors! I scout my own areas, put my stand or blinds up, prepare the areas for clearing and planting, fill feeders and such. I have a good heart and are willing to help with whatever I can! I'm usually the one behind the camera instead of in front of it because I smile more when I get to see my kids or someone else's smile! There is no better joy! My happy place is in my stand 20 ft up or in a fishing boat with the wind in my face! I am thankful to god for allowing me the opportunity to enjoy all what has been giving to me! Thank you for taking the opportunity to consider me! I believe that you live life to the fullest with what you love to do! We are not promised tomorrow so give 100% of what you love and my passion is hunting and being a mother and nurse and helping others! 

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