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The Kimber ultra compact II  review by: benny bailey

  The Kinber line of pistol have evolved along the traditional 1911 model very well known to any modern hand gun enthusiast. Kimber’s various models include many that are perfect for the person looking for a good Carry Concealed 1911’s.One such is the Ultra Compact II. My personal is a stainless, with night sights, adjustable trigger, and various other options.But lets face it, the best gun in the world is usless if it is too big or heavy and just stays at home.
  The Kimber Ultra Compact II weighs in at well under 2 lbs, about 25 oz to exact, the size is about 3 inches for the barrel, shorter than the regular 1911, and is perfectly balanced in most any sized hand. Add this to the flat profile and compact grips, this gun is very easy to carry and conceal on most any frame of person or body type.  
  In my personal quest of a good, reliable, and easy to carry pistol, my quest started with the Kel Tec P11 9mm.This was a great gun, but limited on options at the time I purchased the gun I kept that 9mm for about a year, and fell in love with a sleek Glock 26. This 9mm was wonderful, it had options, was easy to carry and a great compact very accurate up to about 20 yards for a pretty tight group of shot placement to center or mass. I really enjoyed the Glock 26 and still own the gun. However, I wanted a bigger round with more stopping power, and this lead me to the .45 cal market.

  I shot  many different pistols, until I held my  Kinber Ultra II. I was sold. The kick on the gun is very light for a .45 cal weapon or its size and weight. It is very well balanced, and lines up on target very easily upon multiple shot target practice and group placement. In my experience the Kimber performs very well at 5 yards, 10 yards, 15 yards, and reasonable at 20 yards. However this may be subject to my less than practiced had at the range over the past few years.Still in my opinion for a CCDW class pistol, grouping within 2.5 inches of center of mass at 20 yards is pretty good, at least for this authors opinion.

  For its ease of carry and conceal-ability, I give the Kimber Ultra Compact II my highest marks. Even as my own body has gain a few pounds over the years the Kimber still feel great in most every Galco holster I have bought for this gun. It is a shear blast to shoot and very accurate even distance up to 20 yards.

  There are many customizable options for the Kimber, and that makes it even better as you can personalize the gun to your preference and really make it a one of a kind just for you gun.
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