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Kristle R. Rudd
Hi !  My name is Huntress Rudd.  Born Kristle R. Rudd from Johns Creek, Georgia.  I am a Venom Vixen, endorse Cross Hairs with Kris and Clay TV Show, Grits Custom Knives, Hips Targets, Speedy's Sticky Cheese Bait, Pondboss Custom Lures, NAL Archery, Gobbler Down Custom Calls, Non-Typical Does, , and other products.
 I was born a princess; you can just ask Daddy.  Growing up, I won a pageant or two, won Miss Congeniality a time or two, went to the prom a half a dozen times, took gymnastics, cheered, spent two hours every morning curling my hair and doing my make-up.

Today-- the only time I spend two hours doing my make-up, is before loading my gear to go to my tree-stand.   Growing up the hardest decision was to wear purple or pink.  The hardest decision is my truck or his, which rifles to carry, where to put my ground blind or do I want to hunt my tree-stand.  Friday afternoon to Sunday late night -- I am 3.5 hours away - in the woods in a tent or on the lake. Every single weekend with no exception.  
I think about getting my favorite pair of shoes on all week - my snake proof, waterproof, camo boots. Every weekend we hunt what's in season in the am, fish from mid-morning till dark, then we hog hunt.  The minute my F-150 hits dirt, I'm like really me.  
While I love my three kids, grand baby,  four  chickens,  five bedroom house outside Atlanta, white collar job, I truly feel like I am me in my tent, with dirt under my nails, cooking my catch of the day over a fire.  
While there is usually no Wi-Fi, it's the best connection in the world. What I truly see and learn every single weekend. I have seen endangered species right in front of me,  animals you normally don't see - elk, llamas, emu, peacocks, albino squirrels, fox squirrels, etc.  And I can't name all the normal animals I see.
 Walking to my stand or blind in the dark, watching the sunset, hearing the animals - learning their sounds, waiting for "the one"!  I forget that I have Lupus, Diabetes, and Gilbert's Disease when I am in the woods or on the lake.  I feel like a fish out of water until I'm on the way.  I have even been known to go alone. I killed my deer, pulled it behind me with rope for two miles, bungee corded it to the trunk of the Hybrid I took that weekend, and then drove it to Mr. Barlow to process.
 I enjoy field testing products and educating people on my experience and findings.  I love encouraging people to hunt.  I am honored to be a Venom Vixen and look forward to serving the community in this position!

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