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   You know it seems that lately the issue of guns has become related to only hunting. The other uses seem to be swept under the table. Is it just political correctness? It seems that most of the conversations on the web, and in many other places has turned to hunting. Yes there are other conversations that are mentioned like tech tips, and other such matters, but the topic of the gun for defensive needs has been quietly left to a few small posts. I know that the hunting community is a large part of the gun community, but let’s not gloss over those gun owners that pack only for self-defense reasons.
   I have talked with many over the past few years that have noticed the blind eye that the gun writers have turned in their direction. They feel left in the cold on gun rights issues. From the citizen that keeps a small revolver in the night stand to those that pack in sight load and proud they are fellow gun owners and to forget them just to seem more politically correct is wrong.
  I thought that when the issue concerning a veteran writer was fully brought to light and people spoke out against his comments that more light would be shown to those that are only concerned about their self-defense when it comes to guns. Sadly that did not happen the issue was kept in the realm of people that wish to hunt with the so-called black rifles, and kept from the tactical side of the use if these rifles.
  Again keeping things politically correct, and trying to divert the discussion away from the use of these rifles in the group of shooters that use them as house rifles to defend their property, and their lives. Now I am not talking about a bunch of people that are out for blood sitting waiting for the moment to bust a cap in someone’s butt. I am talking about good hard working people that understand the truth that the police can’t be everywhere, and that they may have to take action. They do not want to be in a life or death situation, but they now that a situation may arise where they must fight to survive. Many hope that this never happens they just want to know that they can take action if the situation arises.
  The sad truth is that in the world you have people that are bad, and they are not people that listen to reason. Not all criminals are down on their luck trying to survive after school special people. Many do not want to leave a witness behind, and they could care less about your life. Don’t believe the world of television where the good guys are always ready to protect and serve. You have one life, and it is worth protecting as is your families. Guns are not just for hunting, and there is a real reason for guns that are designed for self-defense.

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