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 red white blue to the soul 
  Today when I went shooting, as I sat looking through the scope it hit me that every product I had was not only American made,bu also all except the scope had very patriotic packaging. The new American Whitetail ammunition from Hornady was not only that the box was covered in visuals of the American flag; it also was the all American .30-06 Springfield cartridges it they held. The Ruger American bolt action rifle that I was holding not only had a very patriotic name, but also the box had  red, white,and blue graphics. Everything the Redfield scope, Chrony Chronograph, Chevy van from Perry County Tire auto sales, even the targets all American made! It made me fell good that while I was out practicing the greatest of freedoms in the greatest country on the planet.... I was working to promote, and getting to use products that helped my fellow Americans put food on their table.
  This is why I am sitting at my computer to write an article that is going to be very different than what I had first intended to write. I initially had the idea that I would do a simple review of the products, and that would be the end of it. As I finished up my day at the range, and I was reflecting on my day shooting these great products. It was then that I decided to not only talk on the performance of these products, but also about the companies, industry, and the Second Amendment. Try to show what many liberals don't understand or want to think about.... the people in the plants working hard to care for their families, the people that hunt to feed their families, what the freedom to keep and bear arms means to the those that fully understand just how important, and great that freedom means. To also hopefully show just how we the people that hold the truths near and dear to our hearts are the true American patriots, and the real conservationists.  
  Let's start with the ammunition Hornady's American Whitetail ammunition that was released this year..... As you can see by the picture above not only the name, but also the packaging shows the pride the company takes in their American made product. The ammunition utilizes the companies Interlock bullets that have been used by hunters to put food on their table since their introduction. As the name indicates the components are put together to do a specific task; that is the hunting of the great White tail Deer! A species that sets hunters limbs to quivering, and their trigger finger twitching at just the mention of someone seeing a large Buck in the near woods! Hornady has been manufacturing bullets to handle this and many other tasks since 1949. In the companies first year of production sales were in the $10,000 range, and growing three fold in the next year allowing the number of employees to rise to four. Now the company employees over 300 employees, and has grown from a small garage to over 108,000 square feet of production space, and are one of the largest independent bullet manufacturers in the world. 
  As to the performance of this product I think that as with all of the products made by Hornady are top notch quality, and as you can see by the picture below are more than accurate enough to harvest just what they are meant to harvest the American White tail Deer. The target shows four shots fired from approximately 150 yards using a tree limb as a rest... early morning... good light!!


  In 1949 Alexander Mc Cormick Sturm, and William Batterman Ruger established Sturm, Ruger & Company; Sturm passed in 1951 but under Bill Ruiger's leadership the company has gone on to produce over 20,000,000 firearms with plants in New Port New Hampshire as well as Prescott Arizona. There precision investments are used in a variety of other industries from aerospace,automotive,general manufacturing, and the golf industry. Bill  Ruger at the time of his death in 2002 was a legend in the firearms industry; not only admired as a designer, inventor, and engineer. He had led Sturm, Ruger & Company to becoming one of the largest firearms manufacturers in the world. 

  One of the latest innovative firearms from Ruger is the bolt action rifle that I used for this article..... The Ruger American rifle! It is a straight forward entry level work horse of a rifle with a synthetic stock, free floating barrel, and detachable magazine feed. The one I am using as I stated earlier in chambered in the legendary .30-06 Springfield cartridge.Not only is the rifle very affordable it is also a great shooting firearm with a nice trigger, and smooth action. Accurate, dependable, strong, and innovative all characteristics that a fine American made firearm should encompass to earn the right to be called The American Rifle!

  The scope used on the Ruger American was a Red Field 2-7 x 33 revolution with Accu Reticle, matte finish, dial knob adjustments for elevation, and windage..... now anyone who has any knowledge of shooting scopes has heard the name Red-field before as they are a well respected name in scopes. The company was originally founded in 1909 as the Redfeild Gun Sight Company by John Hill Redfeild; The company eventually closed it's doors for good in 1998. In April of 2008 Leupold Stevens, Inc. purchased the brand name Redfield, and all the intellectual property associated with Redfeild Optics. Again anyone who knows rifle scopes has heard of Leupold and Stevens, Inc. as they are a market leading American owned and operated optics company. Founded in 1907 in Portland Oregon by Friedrich Leupold which is just a few short miles from their current location in Beaverton, Oregon.  A family owned company that employs over 650 people in their state of the art facility. 

  I did some research just to see what kind of economic impact this industry has in the Untied States of America, and I was even surprised at the numbers. Even pre-boom in the industry caused by the Obama administration promoting of firearms the numbers are very impressive. Federal Business tax generate $2,503,904,614, State taxes generated $2,071,203,695, and the a total economic impact of $31,838,799,763!! These numbers are not including last years record sales for the industry which could make the firearms industry the biggest sporting good related industry in the world. These numbers also only look at the actual manufacturing part of the industry, not the guide services, knife industry, clothing, gun ranges, cleaning products, accessories for shooting, or the small business in an area that caters to hunters during the season. This is a large impact on the economy in America as well as the world.  
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