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  Guaranteed Performance!! Provides sub-minute angle groups with over the counter factory ammunition!!! Easy to install * Fits multiple barrel sizes * Designed for scoped rifles * Dampens barrel whip * Tightens groups * Improves accuracy!! Now that's what the catalog says anyway. I will have to slap it on a rifle, and see for myself if these are true and accurate claims.

Factory Installation Instructions: Apply a thin coat of oil to the inside of the X- Ring and slip over the end of the barrel. If you have iron sights you may need to remove them. To tune the X-Ring for peak performance, shoot groups with the product located 3/4" from the end of the stock on a rifle with a non-floating barrel, and 3/4 " from the muzzle on rifles with a free floating barrel. Adjust the X-Ring up or down the barrel in 1/2" increments to fine-tune. You may need to squirt some gun oil underneath the part to move it.

Day One- I received a box containing three of these barrel de- resonators from Sims Vibration Libratory, and this gives me a chance to try this product on more than one rifle without having to pull it off one rifle and slap onto another rifle.  First rifle to try will be my Winchester Model 70 Super Shadow .270 WSM it really needs no help, but still I want to shoot it. Second will be my Ruger MK- II 7MM Remington Magnum which can use some help with tight groups. I set out to install the rings on the guns following the factory instructions on the package. The Winchester has a fully free floating barrel so I slide the X-Ring down the barrel 3/4" from the muzzle, and with a little Rem-oil on the inside of the Ring it went on no trouble at all. Next I checked my Rugers barrel by sliding a piece of paper under the barrel at the fore-arm, this one doesn't have a free floating barrel as I thought so I applied the oil, and slide the ring to about 3/4" of the fore-arm on the rifle.  Now with the rings on the rifles as the instructions stated it was time to start shooting.

Day Two- Decided to take the Ruger out first, and I was impressed. I shot six shots at a distance of 100 yards; all are visible in the picture below. The first group(group A) are with the X-Ring at what I found after actually measuring to be 1" from the fore arm, and I am already impressed as this rifle has never printed groups this tight at such a distance with this load. I decided to make an adjustment of the scope and the X- Ring, I moved the ring to 3/4" from the fore arm, and adjusted the scope two clicks to the left. I then shot another three shot group which is marked as such in the picture (group B). They show a slight improvement over the first group. I will be shooting some more to see just how tight I can get the groups with this rifle.

NOTE: "When adjusting the ring follow the instructions especially the part about using oil when adjusting because this thing really grips the barrel after it sits over night also actually measure before you leave for the range, and don't guess as I did only to find out you were a little off."

Day Three- Shot the Ruger rifle again, and an inch off the fore-arm is the sweet spot on this rifle. I fired several rounds at 100 yards, and I moved the ring up to check that I had the sweet spot. I also took the time to adjust the Weaver Buck Command Scope a little. The results showed as you can see in the picture below, the A group is the first shots, B is after a scope adjustment, and C is the last scope adjustment as you can see the center is the target is gone. The holes in the target look bigger than they actually are as I zoomed in on the target with Motorola cell phone to take the picture. I am pleased with these results, and in my opinion this product works on this rifle. Next we will see what it does for the Winchester 70 with the floating barrel.

Day Four- Shot the Winchester 70 Super Shadow .270 WSM today with the ring 3/4" from the muzzle. The results are shown in the picture below in group A. At this location on the barrel the ring caused the rifle to shoot the worst groups I have ever fired with this rifle load combination. I then moved the ring  1" from the muzzle, and shot another group that is shown in the picture marked as B group. As you can see the groups improved with the sweet spot putting three shots through just about the same hole. I would really like to see what these rifle will do if put on a lead sled or some device that would take the human factor out of the equation. I have feeling that the Winchester would put them exactly through one hole.

Conclusions - This actually works when you find the sweet spot on the barrel, and worth what small sum you would pay for one of these rings to see if it improves your rifle, but if your rifle has a problem such as a stock that is pressing onto the barrel, or a barrel that has had the lick this isn't going to improve the rifles performance but make it worse. It improved the performance on both of the rifles I tested. Good American made product for shooters.

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