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shelly crawford
My name is Shelly. I'm 40 years young, married and a mother of 1 son (Canyon, age 8).  I'm a work from home mom, working 40+ hours/week doing quality control on medically transcribed documents for hospitals.  I'm was born and raised in Miami, FL and moved to Georgia in 2003 with my husband, who is originally from here.  I've been hunting, fishing and camping with my parents since I was born, and by the time if was 4 my father was teaching me how to shoot a gun.  I started off hunting with an old .410 single shot wire frame shotgun and when I turned 16, my father bought me a 20-gauge youth stock shotgun, which is what I killed my first (and sadly, to date my only) deer with.  I was never a girly-girl, being an only child and daddy wanting a boy lol, so he taught me everything he knew and I soaked it up like a sponge.  It made my day to be out on the air boat on the weekends hunting, and when season was over, we'd all take the air-boat out and go out fishing and camping.  My dad also had blue water boats, so I spent some time on the ocean fishing too, and when I wasn't doing any of that, I was out riding horses, 3-wheeler s or swamp buggies.  If it had to do with the outdoors, I was there!!  When I hit my 20's, due to school, work and in just life in general, and then in my 30's with raising a family, I lost a lot of outdoors time, but now, finally, my son is showing in interest in the outdoors and hunting and so I am back in it, and so happy to be doing what I love and what I've missed.  Even though I haven't harvested anything in what feels like forever, it hasn't dimmed my pleasure for being in the outdoors and now I get the chance to pass on all my knowledge to my son, and it's like experiencing it for the first time watching it through his eyes.  Besides hunting with rifles, I also bow hunt and will soon be trying my hand at bow fishing as well.  

                                                   My Father and I


I had a very lucky childhood.  All my life, I've had my father at my side teaching me, correcting me, praising me.  I'm even luckier in that to this day, I still have him with me, doing the same things and encouraging me to be better.  My father is the one who introduced me to the outdoors.  By the time I was 4, he was teaching me how to shoot, starting off with a .22 single shot, and then progressing to handguns and larger caliber shotguns and rifles.  He taught me how to skeet shoot, drive anything with engine including fixing anything with engine, lol, and most importantly, he taught me about the outdoors, how to love and respect it, and how to live off it.  He instilled in me all the values that he holds dear to him, and now with his help, my husband and I are instilling those same values in our son.  He spends time teaching my son how to shoot, the same as how he taught me, and for that, I am truly blessed to have him with me still.  I watch him with my son and think to myself, "he is the best" and how fortunate I am to have him with me still.

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