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  I have been a fan of Hornady's line of Critical Defense ammo since it was first introduced in 2011, and I am also a fan of the .32 H&R Magnum cartridge. I have shot many of the calibers offered in the Critical Defense line as well as many firearms chambered in .32 H&R Magnum. That is why I am happy to see these two come together in,,,, what I believe is a long over due product, Hornady's Critical Defense .32 H&R Magnum factory ammunition. Anyone who has shot the .32 H&R knows that many of the factory offerings currently on the market are sadly under powered/ This is not true with the Hornady ammo....... with the right bullet and the right velocities the .32 H&R is a viable pocket gun for personal protection with out the recoil other small revolvers may pack. This is a good choice for factory ammo to try your firearm. 


   My revolver is a Taurus snub stainless that is a little over braked on the muzzle....However I still think of it as one of my favorite handguns to keep with me for protection, and one I have talked about concerning ammo performance previously in my article,
 "Four Points About Handload Development".  If you read the article you will read about an incident that profoundly changed my well as my way of thinking concerning ammunition....... it taught me the value of knowing the ammunition you shoot in relation to the firearm you carry.The type of ammunition is not a choice you want to make without testing the ammunition in your firearm..... I am a firm believer this is a product that was way past due for the market.  When it comes to factory mass produced ammunition this is the best ammunition on the  market.

Hornady Critical Defense 
.32 H&R Magnum
80 grain FTX
Catalog number #90060
1150 FPS. Factory reading
Made In The USA!
Safe for use in 327 Federal Magnum guns

  The Critical Defense line of ammunition utilizes the best bullet on the market the Hornady FTX. Many new bullets have hit the market but this is one the best innovations in bullet manufacturing. I have shot many rounds in my life, and these are the most consistent performing designs I have ever seen. Every Critical Defense round I have fired has functioned flawlessly, and every FTX bullet I have recovered have shown perfect expansion, penetration, and weight retention. In the picture below you will see a bullet recovered from ballistic gel....... it is a good example of all bullets recovered across the caliber board I have fired. The only variation on bullets recovered are slight bullet deformation when hitting a bone or other similar obstructions. I stress the word slight in referencing any deformation as bullet retention was not affected. 


  Finally the last point I am going to touch on is accuracy........ now the firearm is a factor in the accuracy, and that is why I am adding to this entry a target from my last trip shooting my Taurus mentioned earlier. It shows 3 group results for the snub, and the .32 H&R Magnum rounds fired from a distance of approximately 5- 10  yards. In every trip to the range all calibers have show consistent, and more than adequate grouping for caliber.

  When it comes to factory ammunition Hornady's Critical Defense has everything you want in a self-defense ammo.... I highly recommend for anyone that doesn't hand load or purchase custom designed ammunition. 

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