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Ten Sad Truths 
Number one – Absolute peace is a pipe dream in the minds of liberals who can’t see truth. As long as you have two people with differing views you are going to have friction, and that will eventually lead to conflict. Yes, sometimes it may be obtainable to keep the conflict from leading to war, but it is the way of man to fight about something it is the nature of the beast.

Number Two
– The two party system does not work. Our founding fathers knew this and that is why they didn’t implement it when they elected the first President. When you have two very different parties the country is going to divide along those lines due to conflict caused by differing opinions, and forward progression is going to slow. This is not good for the country as everyone can see if they open their eyes.

Number Three – Evil is never ending. We all have a dark side, and in some cases it goes against the social norms we as a group hold sacred. You never know who is going to turn themselves over to actions that go against the norms of society. We just need to realize the nature of the beast, and the inherit traits that can be entrenched into the mind of man, and stop those that wish to harm others.

Number Four – Death. It is going to happen eventually deal with it and live your life. Don’t just sit and wait for the grim reaper to find you. Deal with your mortality.

Number Five – Prohibition does not work learn from the past. Americans don’t like being told they can’t have their way, and prohibiting something just makes it more attractive to them because it then become taboo. Number Six – Respect must be earned. It can’t be demanded or legislated. Yes we all can show basic human respect for our fellow man, but we do not have to give it.

Number Seven – The perfect world is a joke especially for Americans. Things need to be shaken up every now and then. If we sit around with absolutely no excitement for too long we become complacent, lazy, and bored. Then we start looking for ways to entertain ourselves which eventually winds up with someone shoving something where it doesn’t belong. So I guess it is human nature to cause trouble.

Number Eight – Power corrupts, and the longer a person has it the more they need to be watched. Always try to take those in power down a notch don’t let them get too comfortable with their position.

Number Nine – Men will always think with their eyes, and genitals. Woman will always think with their friend’s minds. So don’t try and change each other find some common ground and live on it together.

Number Ten
– Racism is in all colors and creeds. Every race has those that hate for the sake of hating. They need to be weeded out and if possible showed the error of their ways. If not F***’em and feed them catfish heads life is too short to worry about stupidity.

What does all this mean? – Life has to be balanced too much of one thing can mess up anything, and the more you strive to be different you must also strive to not to forget where you came from or who brought you.
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