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The 243 Venom X Cartridge 
Origin of this idea?? Recently I was asked," what cartridge would I recommend for a young lady that wanted to start hunting?" Now being the father of a little lady I really gave this some thought as I hope that someday my daughter will go hunting with me. I also placed a even more personal reason  for more thought on the matter as I have for sometime wanted a small low recoil cartridge in the 6mm/243 range.

I eventually settled on two cartridges that I would recommend for all the criteria that I have mentioned above, but I couldn't decide on just one of them. Then the spark hit me and I had to ask, " What if you combined the two cartridges into some sort of mutant hybrid cartridge?

Today is my 42nd birthday, but it seems that it is also the birthday of a wildcat cartridge that I like so much that I am going to keep much of the information on the design to myself. I am calling the new cartridge the 243 Venom X ........ at this time I feel that this is one of my most original designs. I know of no other cartridge that can beat it outright, and no reference to the idea ever being done before. To date I have only found two cartridge designs that even come close to my design, but they have draw backs that prevent them from beating my design.

Now many will probably think that the cartridge I am going to compare my design to would be the 243 Winchester, but it isn't even in the ball park. The closest design is the 6MM Remington cartridge, so that is the cartridge I am going to first compare the 243 Venom X cartridge.
The Remington case holds 54.8 grains water, while the Venom X case holds a maximum of 60.8 grains water. That is a difference of 6 grains between the two cartridges with the Venom X having the most capacity. Now if you look at the necks of these two cartridges you can clearly see that the 6MM Remington has a longer neck then the Venom X, and the Venom is just a  little shorter than the Remington case. Some believe that the 6MM Remington's neck length will make up for the slight in powder by being a more accurate cartridge, but that is to be proven... the 243 Venom X neck length is not as short as it seems, and will provide good alignment as well as good bullet retention, also given the column profile as well as more capacity will prove that the 243 Venom X is a more efficient cartridge as well as very accurate at a longer range.

It has been some time since I last wrote anything on this cartridge.... we haven't done much on it since we received the reamer from Manson Reamers. We are looking at using a controlled round feed action for the test rifle. We feel that this cartridge would benefit from the aid of controlled round feed. Tests of the .300 Venom Magnum Match has shown that feeding is possible in a push feed, but as with the Short Magnums feed best in controlled round actions. I am now going to publish the pics of the first version of the .243 Venom X Cartridge, and the 6MM Remington Cartridge.

.243 Venom X Cartridge Drawing One

6MM Remington Cartridge Drawing

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