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The Arrogant Apes 

  We stand and become more mobile, and we feel we have taken over the animal kingdom!! Surprise to all other primates in the kingdom you need the human race to rule you, and to tell nature that it is wrong.  We have deluded ourselves to think that we are the moral civilized  apes. That we control nature and we have to fix what we consider improper or insensitive!! The rest of the animal kingdom are not so worried about such matters.  We are the ones that suffer the trait of arrogance... of that we are the top of the chain.

  Take for example the organization - People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals- this is a terrorist group. Any organization that supports attacks on people, and places of business in an attempt to force change through fear is a terrorist organization! They teach tactics such as using cans of spray paint, and even ripping the clothing off of peoples backs. They have threatened the lives of people that speak out against their stupidity. They have moved past the roll of activist, or free speech, they are now criminals. A group of people that have assigned human traits to animals!  They are guilty as others of disneyfication!  The delusion that says animals run around the jungle singing songs, and living peacefully together. A world where cats love dogs, and dogs eat spaghetti with their girlfriends in alleys.

   They refuse to open their eyes to the truth about nature and the reality of the animal kingdom. They see themselves as the saviors of so called defenseless innocent creatures. This shows a complete ignorance of the animal kingdom, and nature. They refuse to see that humans are part of nature, and subject to the same rules as all animals. We are not above other creatures.... we are not the king of the jungle.... we are predators that feed on meat, and protect ourselves by doing what we need to for survival which means killing for food, killing for self defense when our territory is threatened.  Humans hunting is as big a part of the natural way of nature as any other animal that kills for food, and survives by eating of other animals flesh. 

   Groups such as this one are doing nothing more than fighting nature, and the majority of the time...doing more harm than good for wild animals. A fact of this world is that the herd needs to be culled, and healthy numbers maintained through hunting, decreased development of land, and education of the public!  The real facts of nature not the glossed over Disneyficated warped view that these organizations promote.

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