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United We Stand
No other statement is more important to the fight for Freedom than these three words. I am not just talking of the gun community, but for all those working to defend freedom. The preacher, gun enthusiast, artist of all medium-even the pornographer, civil rights activist, and any one who values the freedom America allows.

We should stand united defending the Bill Of Rights as it is written. Our rights are all connected to each other, and are only as secure as the weakest link.

If we loose the freedom of speech we cannot stand up and verbally debate issues that affect our life. If we loose the freedom of religion we loose the moral stability to figure the issue of right and wrong. If we loose the freedom of gun ownership we loose the ability to stand and fight if necessary to live as a free society. We cannot pick and choose the rights we like and dislike because they all are important as a whole.

If we change the meaning or wording of any of these rights we establish a precedent that allows for the changing, or weakening of the Bill of Rights. We need to stand as one defending the Bill Of Rights as a whole.

Changing the meaning as revisionist history lends it self to do, we step onto a slippery slope that leaves freedom in jeopardy. If you change the moral standard and weaken the freedom of religion we open the door to evil in the form of people who put no value on life.

They who seek to only fulfill their agenda of hatred, and the sick pleasure they feel from absolute control. Without the freedom of speech we can not take the first step in defending ourselves from such people, that first step is to say no you are wrong. We cannot alert others to the evil.

Without the freedom of personal gun ownership we cannot come together, or stand-alone and defend us or the freedom to live as free thinking individuals.

The ACLU has the same to loose as those fighting for guns. Without the freedom of speech, and the ability to take up arms civil liberties such as the right to keep your mouth shut, to not be harmed due to race, or any of the civil liberties this organization fights to protect will be insured. The ACLU and the NRA both organizations are fighting to insure that a military state is never formed and that citizens are left defenseless without basic human rights.

The preacher, and the pornographer have the same at stake. If you restrict the freedom of speech to stop porn then you open the door to restrictions on freedom to speak of religion. Hindering the spreading of the very word that gives you your strength.

When we all look at the fact that we are all fighting with the same tools, and stop stepping on each other’s toes we will know that the real fight is the enforcement, and recognition of the Bill of Rights as written. We have many points we may disagree on but there is common ground to stand on in the fight to express ourselves, and to utilize those rights in the manor that the founding fathers intended them to be used.

We are not here to judge others, or to legislate morality everyone has the right to live their lives as they wish, and pursue happiness in life. As long as a citizen does not harm another citizen physically or monetarily then we should have no right to say a word about their actions, or lifestyle.

You may not agree with the way someone lives their lives, but it is their life to do with as they wish. This is the real meaning of the Bill of Rights, and the real meaning of being an American.
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