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Venom Products

What we offer

Shooters, and hunters generally know what they need in the field, but in some cases they need some help making their dream ideas a reality. Well that is where we can help by listening to our customers, and working with them to design what they want, and need to do the job. We take every idea serious, there is no wrong questions to ask, if it can be done we will do it, or find someone that can. We work carefully, never rush, and do not overlook details. We always take our time and do it right. Some of our services are described as following

Venom Custom Sub-Sonic Ammunition-  
Above  is a picture of the .308 version

Barrel Extension Muzzle Brake Thompson Encore Barrels. Custom fit and finished to your firearm A larger image of the extension can be seen at the top of this page..... Price on request.


Dudleson Muzzle Brake... custom fit to your firearm... Price on request at this time.

Mauser 98 Custom Packages

 Basic Lite Package. We take your with what you have and turn it into a custom one of a kind lite rifle. We start by checking it from muzzle to butt plate. Replace what needs to be replaced. Fit a Choate stock and finish to your liking. Just call for a consultation.  Cost varies depending on what needs to be done.

Examples of Basic Package

Full Custom Lite Package. We take a Mauser 98 action.. forge the bolt handle...barrel it in a basic caliber. Mount a scope. Fit in a Choate stock.... finish to your liking......... Cost varies as does availability of 98 actions. 
Deluxe Custom Lite Package. We start with a new CZ... Zustava, or other Mauser action...... barrel it in a caliber of your choice.. stock it in a synthetic Kevlar stock... mount a scope that you pick...... as this is a full custom rifle many options are available... Price is subject to what actions are available. Call for consultation....  

Mauser Sporter Refurb  If you have a trusted Mauser Sporter, or find one on a bargain rack at a shop that has seen it's better days, and want to dress it up! Let us bring it back to it's glory days. We start as always checking the rifle out from butt stock to crown. Then consult with you to design a rifle you can trust and be proud to take hunting.

Mauser Sporter Refurb Before Pics
Mauser Sporter Refrub After Pics
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