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Wildcat Cartridges

The whole idea of Venom Cartridge came from the experimentation into altering cartridge performance. It all began by pushing the boundries of reloading. Then into the realm of actually re-designing the cartridge case to improve performance ending in a desire to design a completely new cartridge!! This grew into the idea to start a company that specialized in the development/design of wildcat cartridges. 

On this page you will find the Venom wildcats that are currently being developed, and ones that have already been tested, and are available to the public.

We can also work with customers to help them with their ideas for a wildcat cartridge.....................

300 Venom Magnum Match Cartridge -
  This is an improved 300 Winchester Magnum wildcat that we have developed, and is currently available to the public... The full case capacity (Water) has been increased from 87.0 grains of the parent 300 Winchester Magnum to 91.8 grains of the 300 Venom Magnum Match..... this was done without changing the OAL, Max Case Length, Neck Shoulder Junction or the Neck length of the parent 300 Winchester Magnum case which means that the parent can still be fired in the rifle after the chamber has been re-chambered for the 300 Venom Magnum Match. Cases can easily be fire formed in the new chamber simply by firing a reduced 300 Winchester Magnum load in the new chamber........... this wildcat cartridge will give an increase of 100fps to 200+fps in velocity over the parent cartridge depending on the rifle that is re-chambered.

300 Venom Magnum Match Cartridge

243 Venom X Project Cartridge -
   This is a cartridge based on a variation of the 257 Roberts cartridge case, and is necked down for the more widely available 243 diameter bullets. Designed originally for use on shows that  the ability to put more powder behind larger grain bullets makes this cartridge ideal for larger game, as well as certain Match applications.  Currently this cartridge is still in development ..... the reamer has been designed, and manufactured, but that is all that is available to be released to the public at this time.

The 243 Venom X Cartridge

458 NUB Cartridge - This is a nice little cartridge that we came up with to use as a plinking load in our Handi-Rifle chambered in .45-70. Now anyone that shoots these little guns knows it can get to be painfull when just shooting for fun. This little cartridge has no recoil, and it can be loaded by Venom Cartridge Company LLC, or most skilled handloaders. You can contact us for guidance on how to load this fun little cartridge. In the future we hope to have new cases available for this cartridge. Below is a link to an article for more information on this project.

A Nub Of A Cartridge The .458 NUB Cartridge

458 Venom African Short Cartridge - What if you had an African Dangerous Game cartridge that not only held as much/more powder than the 458 Winchester Magnum but would fit in an action as short as a .308 Winchester, or Winchester Short Magnum?? A much shorter bolt stroke meaning faster follow up shots with enough power to take down most anything on the African continent ! A cartridge that would be extremely useful to hunters that have seen very little in the way of cartridge development.

458 Venom African Short Cartridge

8MM Venom X Cartridge - This is a cartridge that I was toying around with while talking to several gun guys; about one of my all time favorite cartridges= the 8MM Mauser. I took into my head all the comments that I had heard(pro/con) on the all the 8MM cartridges on the market. I then wanted to see what I could come up with on the computer........ I worked out one design then another, and may even do another that fit the criteria. To read more click the link below.

8MM Venom X Cartridge

452 Predator AK Cartridge-
The best of both worlds so to speak! I have always liked the .444 Marlin and the .45/70, but could never stick with just one. I always wanted something that had aspects of both cartridges... Say a cartridge that was easy to load, and convert a rifle to shoot... that filled in the gap... That is what the .452 Predator AK is all about, and with luck... the design will be released in 2015 with the prototype following soon.

452 Predator AK Cartridge
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