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Wolves In Sheep's Clothing 

         In the past few years former anti – gun liberals have infiltrated the fight for the second amendment by setting up seemingly pro – gun organizations that undermine many of the organizations fighting so hard for our second amendment rights. One such group is the AHSA or American Hunters and Shooters Association their entire leadership is made up of gun ban lobbyists. They have led many hunters, and shooters down a foolish path. They have sought to undermine the true meaning of many facts gun owners hold so near and dear. It has divided the gun community into two separate camps - those that understand that the only way to insure the right to keep and bear arms is to fight any infringement of those rights. I am proud to say I am in this group of gun enthusiasts. The other group is a more liberal side of gun ownership that has been led to believe that some gun control is needed in the Untied States of America. They have begun to believe the re - written history that has been configured to fit the rhetoric of the anti-gun wolves so as to systematically chip away at the freedom Americans enjoy. One of the biggest arguments against gun control they have attempted to discard is concerning Hitler. They have led many to believe that the argument concerning Germany and the rise of the Nazi party has nothing to do with gun control. They have even fought to silent any mention of the Nazi party in gun control discussions such as on the liberal Pink Pistols Group sites. Preaching that this argument against gun control is misleading, and to speak of Hitler in the gun control argument is no more than pushing “ Bogus pro – gun myths”. They miss the point completely on the issue of gun control and Germany. They point to the fact that guns where already outlawed in 1928 well before Hitler ever came to power as proof that this is a bogus argument against gun control. They completely ignore the lesson to be learned from the laws of Germany, and the effect that they had on the rise of one of the worst dictators to ever be given complete control of a country. Just as many Americans who “wanted to do the right thing for society” in 1968 used the laws that the Nazi’s implemented in 1938 as a model for new gun laws passed in America to help cure the countries ills. This is the same reason the German people decided to implement gun control in their country in 1928. The laws implemented in 1968 America were the first infringement of the second amendment in America, and if we don’t open the eyes of every American gun owner it is the beginning of the end. The beauty of American government is that we have a complete system of checks and balances to prevent a leader, or group from taking complete control of the country this system filters all the way down to the common man with the second amendment. The only way for this horror to happen in this country is if we give away our rights to defend our way of life as Germany did in 1928. We are guaranteed many things in the Bill of Rights, but without the right to keep and bear arms we have no way to protect ourselves from a government out of control this amendment gives the average citizen a means to stand up and fight for rights such as freedom of speech, and religion. This is the lesson to be learned from the laws of Germany. Hitler recognized the benefit of an unarmed society and he made sure that it stayed that way in 1938. This is the single biggest factor in this dictator being able to come under the corrupting spell of absolute total control of the people of Germany. A society without the means to allow the citizens to protect themselves is a society that is in danger of loosing all freedom to be a society of free thinking individuals that can add to the fabric of humanity.  This is a part of history that can not be forgotten, or liberalized to the point of closing our eyes to the gun control issues involved because when we do not learn from the past we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes as Germany in the 1920’s in turning over all power of the people to stand and bear arms against an oppressive government.

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